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Ground Screws


Now you no longer need to destroy your garden by digging holes and pouring
in concrete foundations. Our 60-160 cm long ground screws are
just as stable. No digging or concreting needed. No damage to the
surrounding areas. In addition, you can get started with your building
project immediately after the screws are in place. Our certified technicians will
perform the job quickly and accurately whatever your construction
project. We see, for example, that furniture, decks, fences, signs, timber
buildings, umbrellas, poles and climbing frames will be on a stable footing. Each
screw takes about 5 minutes to install. The cost is usually much lower than digging
and pouring in the traditional way.

Ground Screw

Ground Screw - How it works

Before mounting, we pre-drill a pilot hole so the screws will go down easier.
The drill hole also gives us an idea of the soil conditions so that we can
choose the right length and location of each screw. Our technique can
handle all types of soil. Compact clay is no problem. Small stones will move
or crack. When we encounter large stones or solid rock, we can either
move the screw or put a stud into the solid rock. In porous soil or sand, we
use our longest screw that is 1200mm long.
Installation is quick and easy - just 5 minutes per screw. They are
mounted using our specially developed machine that has extremely high
torque. It will even handle mounting the screw when there is ground frost.
The machine causes no damage to the grass or surrounding area. In tarmac
we just make a neat hole for the screw. When mounting in a patios
cobblestone we just lift one slab and mount the screws down as usual.

Ground Screw

Ground Screw - In Brief

· No digging · No concrete
· More stable than concrete blocks
· No damage to the surrounding area
· Fast installation · Lower costs
· Can be installed all year round
· No frost movement
· Long life

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