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▪ Wall thickness: 45 mm
▪ Diameter: 350 cm
▪ Roof overhang: all around = 30 cm
▪ Side wall height: 229 cm, top of the roof: 325 cm
▪ Roof area: 16,0 m², slope: 28 degrees
▪ Round arch window: 2x 100 x 165 cm D/D
▪ Round arch door: 3x 115 x 196 cm extensively glazed
▪ Wall area: 17,2 m², cubic content: 26,4 m³


Optional accessories:
BHP EPDM foil as well as BHB downpipe set F2 or with welding line
(provided by customer), one-key system,
shelves in the machinery room, metal cover for EPDM foil


Price is for KIT ONLY for erection costs please get in contact with us.


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